Friday, August 19, 2011

pinky pals

Hello folks,
it's me agains Tanktop Tammy.

Sos me and Creepo just sittin here hangins. What else is there. Pigface be at PumpkinHead's and SuperDuper (that one be my favourite) be sittin in his there box.

Sos me and Creepo don't sees Lawnboy Larry for two days. He comes home this mornin reakins of beers and cigarettes and teenagers. He crawls home and the idiot done gots pink hair! What a loser. He says he done looks real cool with pink hairs. He says he looks like a teenager now with his new pink dos. And nows he 'fits in' with the cool teens. Creepo done asked him 'what he goin do about his OLD face?' HAHAHAHA loser.

Me and Creepo done LAUGHED and LAUGHED! What a loser. He says he be hangin with his teenager pals and they be SO cool. They gets drunks and listens to music. And buy hookers too. Now the idiot is sittin in the kiddie pool washin his dick cause he says it be full of what you call 'std'. Ick. He keeps mumblin to himself that he done 'pull a fast one' over on mes and Creepos. Idiot. Like we dont know what stupid be up to.

How stupid can a Lawnboy Larry bes?

Anyway, the dumbass done fells asleep in the kiddie pool agains. I should justs lets him drowns but I will put the hose on him. This one last times.

Later losers,
Tanktop Tammy

ps anyones sees my laptop?

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